The Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group UK is an industry initiative to prevent and detect fraud within health care and the insurance industry.

The HICFG membership consists of 32 health insurance companies. The HICFG is an independent trade association participated by the City Of London Police, Insurance Fraud Bureau and NHS Protect. The structure and purpose of the group is in line with NHS Counter Fraud initiatives to prevent and detect fraud within healthcare. Learn more
Our motto 'fraus est celare fraudem' a legal maxim meaning 'It is a fraud to conceal fraud'
  • It is estimated that Fraud within health care costs insurers millions of pounds per year
  • USA - US $125 - $175 billion per year
  • Europe - between €30bn and €100bn per year
  • UK - the National Health Service estimate they lose between 3-5 billion pounds per year
  • UK – Private Medical Insurers £280 - £420m per year
  • Billing Fraud
  • Over Charging
  • Over Servicing
  • Coding
  • Unbundling
  • Premium Fraud
  • Commercial Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Fraud
  • Commission Fraud
  • Non Disclosure Fraud
  • Pre Existing Injury Fraud
  • Reward & Incentive Fraud
  • Understating The Risk On Corporate Policies
  • All other allegations of fraud relevant to healthcare and private health insurance